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Kochi-City, Japan

Years active



Outlaw Records, Overthrow Records, MCR Company, Your Own Jailer Records

Disclose was a d-beat band from Kochi-City, Japan formed in late 1991/early 1992 by Kawakami. Heavily influenced by Discharge but with a much rawer sound with the excessive use of fuzz pedals. The lyrics primarily deal with the effects of nuclear war. On June 5th, 2007 Kamakawi died of an overdose with alcohol and sedatives.


Kamakawi - Vocals, Guitars (1992-2007) (Deceased. June 5, 2007)

Tsukasa - Vocals

Fukugawa - Bass

Yasuoka - Bass

Will - Bass

Yosei - Bass

Hiro - Drums

Fujiwara - Drums

Uo-Kato - Drums

Aki - Drums

Naoto - Drums


Full Lengths, MLPs:[]

Tragedy (Disclose) 12inch LP (1994, Outlaw Records)

Nightmare Or Reality 12inch LP (1999)

Yesterday's Fairytale, Tomorrow's Nightmare 12inch LP (2003)

7 EPs, 10 mlp's:[]

Once the War Started 7inch (1993)

Great Swedish Feast 10inch (1995)

Visions Of War 7inch (1996)

The Aspects Of War 10inch (1997)

4 Track EP 7inch (1997)

The Nuclear Victims 7inch (2000)

A Mass Of Raw Sound Assault 7inch (2001)

Apocalypse Of Death 7inch (2002)

Neverending War 7inch (2003)

The Sound Of Disaster 7inch (2003)

Apocalypse Continues 7inch (2004)


The Demo's Album LP/Tape (1995)

No More Pain LP

Raw Brutal Assault Vol. 1 CD (2003)

Raw Brutal Assault Vol. 2 CD (2003)


Kochi-City Hardcore (w/ Insane Youth) 7inch EP (1993)

Why Must We Die? (w/ Hellkrusher) 7inch EP (1994)

No More Pain! (w/ Selfish) 7inch EP (1994)

War Of Aggression (w/ Cluster Bomb Unit) 7inch EP (1995)

Attack The Enemy (w/ Homomilitia) 7inch EP (1995)

Endless War (w/ Squandered) 7inch EP (1998)

Disclose / Wind Of Pain Tape (1998)

Disclose / Totalitär 12inch LP (2000)

Chainsaw Tour (w/ Framtid) 7inch EP (2004)

Noise Not Music (w/ No Fucker) 7inch EP (2004)

Disclose / No Fucker 7inch EP (2004)

Disclose / Hakuchi Split 7inch EP (2004)

Dis-Nightmare Still Continues (w/ World Burns to Death) 7inch EP (2004)

Disclose / Besthöven 7inch EP (2005)

In Chaos We Trust (w/ Flyblown) 7inch EP (2005)

Controlled By Fear (w/ Cruelty) 7inch EP (2005)

Nuclear Hell (w/ G.A.T.E.S.) 7inch EP (2005)

Disclose / Scarred For Life 7inch EP (2007)


Crime (1992)

Conquest (1993)

Fear Of The War (1993)

Total Dis-Lickers (1998)